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Get the sound of the world's finest echo chambers.

From Ray Charles to Frank Sinatra, Beck to Muse, the underground spaces below the iconic Capitol Tower in Los Angeles, have provided decades of gorgeous hi-fi ambience that is simply unmatched. After years of R&D and close collaboration with Capitol Studios, Universal Audio proudly presents the Capitol Chambers plug-in, a startling end-to-end recreation of the most popular echo chambers ever created.

Included Versions

UAD Native
Runs on your Mac or PC without UA hardware.

Apollo Realtime & UAD‑2
Runs accelerated on Apollo interfaces and UAD‑2 hardware.

UAD Native plug-ins run on both macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer and Windows 10 and 11. Go to our UA Support page for system requirements.

  • Record and mix with the world's only authentic plug-in emulation of Capitol Studios' prized underground echo chambers
  • Add dense, natural reverberation to vocals or drums far beyond plate, digital, or simple convolution reverb
  • Create new sounds by repositioning Capitol Chambers' microphones using UA's Dynamic Room Modeling
  • Audition current and historical chamber configurations, plus all new setups
  • Harness the chamber's entire signal chain including amplifiers, speakers, custom preamps, and mics
  • Quickly pull up presets from legendary Grammy-winning engineers of Ray Charles, Radiohead, Steely Dan, Madonna, and more

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Easily Capture Iconic Echo

Easily Capture Iconic Echo

UA sourced historic technical diagrams from the early '60s to precisely emulate microphone/speaker setups inside Capitol's chambers, including the vintage omnidirectional Altec 21D mics and custom speaker/horn configurations and current "modern" configurations using omnidirectional Shure SM80s — all in their original hit-making positions.

Create with Unprecedented Ambience Control

Create with Unprecedented Ambience Control

Capitol Chambers' Position slider gives you next-level control over spatial and time response, allowing you to reposition the chamber mics. From the maximum distance stock positions, to direct speaker-to-microphone effects and proximity characteristics, Capitol Chambers can subtly thicken vocals or drums, or soak strings with the most natural, complex sounding reverb ever recorded.

Explore UA's Dynamic Room Modeling

Explore UA's Dynamic Room Modeling

Harnessing the same technology as UA's award-winning Ocean Way Studios plug-in, Capitol Chambers uses UA’s proprietary Dynamic Room Modeling technology, an exclusive combination of physical modeling and advanced measurement techniques. Whereas standard convolution reverbs only provide a sonic snapshot, Dynamic Room Modeling gives Capitol Chambers nearly infinite ambient possibilities.

Go Deeper Still

Go Deeper Still

Beyond a vintage recreation, Capitol Chambers offers creative features for modern DAW workflows like Pre-delay, Dry/Wet mix, and Decay controls. A sweepable 80 to 750 Hz filter lets you minimize muddy bass going into the chamber, while Bass, Treble, and proportional Q Mid band lets you perfectly season the chamber's lush ambience.

Harness All-Star Artist Presets

Harness All-Star Artist Presets

The Capitol Chamber's plug-in features carefully crafted presets from a stunning roster of Grammy-winning engineers and producers, including the late Al Schmitt (Ray Charles, Steely Dan), Mark Linett (The Beach Boys, Los Lobos), Frank Filipetti (Madonna, Paul McCartney), Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead), and many more.

Capitol and the Capitol logos are trademarks of Capitol Records, LLC, registered in the United States, European Union, and other jurisdictions, and are used under license.
"A Rose" by Jamie Lidell
"A Rose" by Jamie Lidell

"A Rose" by Jamie Lidell

Written and recorded exclusively to showcase the UAD Capitol Chambers Reverb plug‑in.

Customer Reviews

Capitol Chambers

Overall Rating


J. Bjoersvik

February 2, 2024

Capitol chambers.

A fantastic reverbplugin.

L. Motta

February 1, 2024

This is good!!

Very nice sounding, I left a 3 star review before but that wasn't fair because I haven't tested it out extensively, now that I have used more and I'm loving it, itI'll give a 4.5 now.. only not giving a 5 because it would be nice if they show the ms values and the decay time so you could lock in the time perfectly, on the other hand, that makes you use more your ears and adjust accordingly which is how those vintage gear were meant to be use.

J. Kelly

February 1, 2024

This is for Al!

In loving memory of Al Schmidt. This chamber beats them all!

M. Gomez

January 31, 2024

Sweet Tone

A very lush sounding chamber reverb, there's a subtlety about this reverb that makes it different from other chamber reverbs, it gives vocals a very sweet tone.

D. Vazquez

January 31, 2024

Great chamber!

Brings life to everything, use it a lot on vocals! A must have!

P. Nguyen

January 30, 2024

Love its sound

Cannot imagine I'm able to bring this reverb with me everywhere. It's just impossible to make good music at home without plugins like this.

R. Thygesen

January 29, 2024

The One I Have Been Looking For

Great addition to my plug-ins. Wanted a reverb that could be warm, sweet and natural, like what you used to get when recording in good analog studios. Capital Chambers delivers this while giving you great flexibility in finding the sound you want. Very easy to use as well.

A. Navarro

January 22, 2024

Sonido de reverberación antológico

Todos tenemos esa reverberación metidas en la cabeza. Tantas y tantas maravillosas canciones han pasado por aquí.

C. Panetta

January 18, 2024

few sound better

This reverb adds space, tone and dimension in an unobstructed manner. You can make it discrete or obvious in your mix. Fantastic. I got two for 99, this was the extra with the Hitsville verb at first. Quickly becoming my favourite verb plug. I have both EMTs, the 224, Hitsville, Pure Plate and Capitol. Capitol is getting the nod very often combine with one of the other for many mixes.

r. diaz

January 17, 2024

Rafael diaz

Simple I like this company plugins comfiable .

r. diaz

January 17, 2024

Rafael diaz

Simple I like this company plugins comfiable .

K. Gulbrandsen

January 17, 2024

Great plugin

The Chambers sounds great! Even love the little detail that the door open and closes when you adjust the distance on the microphones. :)

J. Barry

January 16, 2024

Surf Sound defined!

I love reverbs and this one has a lot of East-Coast MOJO. They accurately captured the sound of SURF. It sounds amazing on guitar and vocals. It's not a verb I would use for every day use, unless that was surf music, but it has a wonderful color about it that was immediately recognizable to my ears. I really like it!


January 15, 2024



d. vats

January 15, 2024

Now I have the all-time favourite chambers of capital studios

Capital chambers are now my go-to reverb chambers for vocals

n. else

January 15, 2024

Capitol Chambers

Haven't had a lot of experience with the particular plugin, but always admired from afar. Excellent as always from UAD

N. Crouch

January 15, 2024


UA always knocks it out of the park and this is no exception.
Been having fun playing with Beach Boys and Beck sounding vocals.
Made some home recorded drums sound HUGE.
Beautiful touch to pedal steel, violin and saxophone so far.
One that is more DSP heavy than others, so you can’t have a bunch on at once in a mix, but you can print and act accordingly.

T. Murphy

January 14, 2024

Best chambers plugin I've used

I have always been a syickler for finding the right effects units and sticking with them. But when I got the Capital Chambers, my AR chambers , H-verb and others aren't being used any longer This one plugin has replaced my mainstays . Phenomenal sound and easy control. Thumbs up. Keep em coming

W. Lister

January 14, 2024

One of the best reverbs out there

Sounds amazing and flexible

L. Motta

January 14, 2024

Not very impressed

Wish they have included the decay time